Ace Depot Moves into New Warehouse

Ace Depot recently moved to a new warehouse on Paris Avenue in Northvale, New Jersey. The location is within 15 miles of New York City and puts the company near the Palisades Interstate Parkway. The expansion comes at a time when Ace Depot is celebrating more than 20 years in business and the honor of being named a featured merchant on

With a new warehouse that includes more than 43,000 square feet of space, Ace Depot now operates in double the amount of space as its former location. The company also gained a carpeted showroom and lobby for its local customers.

Selling through more than a dozen stores and online services, such as Amazon, Ace Depot offers discounted office supplies. The line of products ranges from printer ink and typewriters to time clocks and mailing supplies. To attract customers who want to save money, Ace Depot relies on websites like Groupon, NewEgg, and uBid. Visit for more information.

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Help the Environment by Shopping at Green Businesses

When a company goes green, it reduces its water consumption, saves trees, lowers electricity usage, and helps protect the environment from pollution. Ace Depot embraced a policy of reusing, reducing, and recycling to become a green office supply retailer. The company also works with affiliates who follow green practices.

After moving to its new location, Ace Depot opted to install solar panels on its new warehouse. Solar panels produce energy when the sun is up, and this reduces dependency on power generated through coal, nuclear energy, or petroleum products. The office supply retailer also took measures to clean up the work environment for employees.

The company sells products that help the environment. For example, the HSM cardboard shredder turns damaged or weakened cardboard boxes into shredded cardboard that is perfect for packaging material. Refurbished or office demonstration equipment finds new homes, rather than landing in garbage dumps. Shoppers gain satisfaction knowing that their support of Ace Depot creates environmental benefits as well as lowers their cost.

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The Reliable BioVault 2.0 Protects and Secures Valuables

Ace Depot of Northvale, New Jersey, offers new and refurbished office equipment and office supplies at prices that are lower than retail. With numerous varieties and brands available, Ace Depot supplies businesses and individuals with high-quality items at affordable prices. The selection includes typewriters, printers, ink cartridges, computer accessories, scales, clocks, and much more. The company also carries safes for storing valuable and sensitive objects or information. The popular BioMetrix BioVault 2.0, for example, is a highly secure safe that opens with a user’s fingerprint.

The BioVault protects weapons, ammunition, stocks, important documents, coins, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and many other valuable items. The safe recognizes up to 50 authorized fingerprints and opens in less than a second. The user interface features an LCD digital display, and the safe maintains fingerprint memory access even if the battery dies or fails. The unit is endorsed by the NRA as an official gun safety storage device and features durable, heavy-duty construction.

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The Nakajima WPT-150 – A Smooth, Affordable Electric Typewriter

Located in Northvale, New Jersey, Ace Depot features a diverse range of office supplies and new and refurbished office equipment. From office machines to desktop and organizational supplies, Ace Depot offers products to match any budget. The Nakajima WPT-150 electric typewriter is just one of the many available products.

At 11 pounds, the lightweight typewriter features all the typesetting and key functions that are necessary for a smooth, streamlined workflow. The one-line correction memory of up to 90 characters and typing speed of 12 characters per second gives this model a simple and fast capacity for output.

The machine also features adjustable margins, automatic relocation, centering, and carriage return, plus numerous script options and page length and paper selections. Offered by Ace Depot at less than half the standard retail price, the Nakajima WPT-150 comes with a one-year warranty, and alternate French and Spanish keyboards are available. For more information about this typewriter or to view more of the company’s quality products, visit

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