Help the Environment by Shopping at Green Businesses

When a company goes green, it reduces its water consumption, saves trees, lowers electricity usage, and helps protect the environment from pollution. Ace Depot embraced a policy of reusing, reducing, and recycling to become a green office supply retailer. The company also works with affiliates who follow green practices.

After moving to its new location, Ace Depot opted to install solar panels on its new warehouse. Solar panels produce energy when the sun is up, and this reduces dependency on power generated through coal, nuclear energy, or petroleum products. The office supply retailer also took measures to clean up the work environment for employees.

The company sells products that help the environment. For example, the HSM cardboard shredder turns damaged or weakened cardboard boxes into shredded cardboard that is perfect for packaging material. Refurbished or office demonstration equipment finds new homes, rather than landing in garbage dumps. Shoppers gain satisfaction knowing that their support of Ace Depot creates environmental benefits as well as lowers their cost.

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