The Reliable BioVault 2.0 Protects and Secures Valuables

Ace Depot of Northvale, New Jersey, offers new and refurbished office equipment and office supplies at prices that are lower than retail. With numerous varieties and brands available, Ace Depot supplies businesses and individuals with high-quality items at affordable prices. The selection includes typewriters, printers, ink cartridges, computer accessories, scales, clocks, and much more. The company also carries safes for storing valuable and sensitive objects or information. The popular BioMetrix BioVault 2.0, for example, is a highly secure safe that opens with a user’s fingerprint.

The BioVault protects weapons, ammunition, stocks, important documents, coins, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, and many other valuable items. The safe recognizes up to 50 authorized fingerprints and opens in less than a second. The user interface features an LCD digital display, and the safe maintains fingerprint memory access even if the battery dies or fails. The unit is endorsed by the NRA as an official gun safety storage device and features durable, heavy-duty construction.

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